Sunday, December 28, 2014

Man Cave

On Christmas eve, I lost patience and gave Chad his present early. 

The inspiration.
Of course, some assembly was required, so the following pictures outline the steps we took to assemble his Sci-Fi Man Cave.

We started with the blank slate that was our loft space. It had been an ad hoc storage room since we moved in last August.
We knew what we wanted to do.  After pinning a lot of ideas onto Pinterest, we set out to tape off a feature wall to get an idea of scale to see how far-fetched our ideas were.
We chose paint colors that would facilitate the multimedia purpose for the room.

Next we installed 2x4's vertically along wall studs to support the floating feature wall.
Horizontal supports were also nailed to studs to keep the drywall from flexing as well as to provide a nailer for the TV and multimedia wall mounts. A few supports were added to the ceiling at the trusses to support the ceiling portion of the feature wall. We pre-planned where cords were going to feed once the sheetrock was in place.
We chose 1/4" drywall for several reasons. It can be taped and mudded smooth. 1/4" is light weight enough for two people o hang without sophisticated tools. The thickness did not have to be up to fire code because it was going over a finished wall. Drywall is easy to cut for hiding a mess of cords.
Several coats of black paint-and-primer-in-one gave it the look we were after. Some tape was left in place to remind us where the nailers were placed.
Holes were cut for cords to pop out behind the TV and behind the cabinet holding components.
The IKEA Besta TV Cabinet is mounted at the lower horizontal 2x4 nailer.
TV is mounted and components are plugged in.
Furniture is brought into the room.
Aside from additional artwork and lighting to be added later, we have the hard part done.
Almost done.

There we go!